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Zarek of Moesia


155 BC


Valerius (brother) Valerian (nephew) Astrid (wife) Bob/Menacaeus (son)




Alaska, Olympus




Dance With the Devil

Zarek was born the unwanted son of a Greek slave and a Roman senator. Moments after his birth, his mother gave him to a servant with orders to kill the infant. The servant took mercy on the child and took him to his father who had no more use for the baby than his mother had so Zarek became the whipping boy of a noble Roman family. He sold his soul to get revenge on the father who treated him wrong and killed the man out of revenge. He was isolated in Alaska because he killed a human village and was considered a danger to anyone around. Astrid was to judge him to see whether he was guilty or innocence in the end she found him innocence mostly because it wasn't a human village that he butchered but daimons and one Apollite. In the end he and Astrid married and she made him a god. Zarek and Astrid have two children a son who she named Menecaeus but Zarek prefers to call Bob and a daughter named Kyra.
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