Zakar is the Sumerian god of dreams and visions. Born August 1, 13,984 BC, to the god Enlil, he is one third of a set of triplets. When prophecy proclaimed that the three of them would end the Sumerian pantheon, their father killed their eldest triplet, Eb, and Sin hid the youngest, Zakar, in the dream world. To protect his brother, Sin convinced their father that he destroyed Zakar and absorbed his powers.

It was his blood that Sin and Ishtar used to trap the Dimme the first time.

He once battled the demon, Asag, and absorbed some of his powers and is now somewhat immune to the Gallu bite. He understands the Gallu and their weaknesses. He has Gallu strength, powers of a god, a demon inside him that will kill anything or anyone, is without remorse and has their bloodlust. He doesn't know what he is anymore.

Zakar was captured and tortured by gallu for several centuries. Sin rescued him with the help of Katra, Simi, and Xirena in 2007, Devil May Cry. He was called a Blood Slave by the Gallu. Katra partially healed him. He was captured by Kessar again this time when Sin, Katra, Simi and Xirena tried to save him he died. Acheron revived him. He, Sin and Katra kept the Dimme trapped, all but one.