Xev is not what he seems and is a most complicated being. He refuses to speak about the past or to alleviate anyone’s suspicions about himself. He expects the world to draw their own incorrect conclusions, whatever they may be. The one thing he believes in most is paying back what’s owed, whether that’s good or evil. So be careful how you treat him. He’s all about the balance sheet and he is definitely keeping score.

Personality Edit

Xev suffers from PTSD due to his long imprisonment as well as his guilt over the deaths of Myone and Lilliana. He is extremely protective of Cherise, even more so after finding out that she is his granddaughter. He dislikes sleeping in the dark and prefers his cat form to avoid interacting with others.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Chthonian-killing (formerly): Xev was the only ancient god capable of killing a Chthonian. It is unknown if he still possesses this power of his prolonged imprisonment.
  • God-bolt: Xev is a god, so it can be assumed that he can throw god-bolts.
  • Malachai Power: As the Šarru-Dara of the Malachai, Xev holds a portion of Nick's powers. It is unknown if he can access this.
  • Shapeshifting: Xev can transform into a cat. It has been stated that he can also take other forms.
  • Spellcasting: Xev was capable of summoning Jaden without the usual procedures (demon blood, human blood, oak tree, etc.).
  • Universe travelling: Xev was able to pull Kody's soul from one universe to another.
  • Vast Knowledge / Omniscience: Xev is one of the oldest gods in creation and is also capable of tapping into the ether.


  • Nick Gautier
  • Cherise Gautier