Wren is a tigard, a forbidden blend of two animals–snow leopard and white tiger. He was born in the wilds of Asia. His parents despised him as a freak of nature. After they allegedly went mad and killed themselves, Savitar took the half-dead cub to Sanctuary. An orphan with no clan that would claim him, Wren grew to adulthood under the close scrutiny and mistrust of those around him.

At Sanctuary, he bused tables and washed dishes rather than take his rightful place running his father's company. His best friend is Marvin, a little brown Spider Monkey. He keeps to himself and doesn't talk to anyone except Aimee or Nick. Then Maggie Goudeau shows up. He sees what Nick told him about her. He falls in love with her, ends up with a death sentence because of his cousin, gets kicked out of Sanctuary because Mama Lo doesn't trust him or want him there, goes back in time to get proof of his innocence and finds out his father really loved him. Comes back to this time and finds his father still alive. Marries Maggie.