Vane's father Markus is Katagaria and his mother Bryani is Arcadian. Bryani sent her three Katagari pups (Anya, Fang, and Vane) to live with Markus and kept her three Arcadian children (Dare, Fury, and Star). When Vane turned Arcadian at puberty, Fang and Anya protected him from their cruel father and hid his secret from the pack. They grew up as a very tight-knit unit.

Anya was killed in a Daimon attack. Markus blamed Fang and Vane for drawing the Daimons, claiming it was due to the brothers' association with Dark-Hunters. They were sentenced to a timoria, which is being beaten and left for dead. Furthermore, Markus gave the same Daimons the location of where his sons had been left.

When the Daimons attacked Fang and Vane again, they stole pieces of Fang's soul. He became stuck in the Nether Realms, neither dead nor alive. To the outside world, he appeared in a coma and Vane attributed his state to grief over Anya's death.

He saw Bride McTierney for the first time when he was guarding Sunshine Runningwolf for Talon. In Night Play, he then saw Bride in her boutique. To him she was beautiful.

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