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Stryker's only living son and the first Apollite to be born cursed. Urian was his father's most trusted warrior for centuries. He killed many of Apollo's heirs including Cassandra and Phoebe's mother. Urian was supposed to kill Phoebe, but after seeing how beautiful she was, Urian saved her. Urian hid this from his father and had Phoebe drink his blood to extend her life. They lived together in Elysia in secret. Urian later helped Wulf and Cassandra escape his father. When Stryker learned of his son's betrayal, he slit Urian's throat and killed Phoebe. Acheron was able to heal Urian but could not save Phoebe. He offered Urian a choice: protect the heirs of Apollo from Stryker, or have all memories of his wife erased. Urian chose to honor Phoebe and protect her family. Urian was made immortal and something other than a Daimon or Apollite by Acheron.

Urian is one of the few beings who knows Acheron is really a Chthonian and lives in Katoteros with Alexion, Simi, Danger, and Acheron. After Acheron allowed his brother to live in the same realm as them, Urian quickly befriended Styxx and even had a hero worship for the man that he'd been carrying since he lived in Atlantis. It is later revealed by Apollymi that Urian is really the son of Styxx and Bethany and that she placed him in the womb of Stryker's second wife after ripping him out of Bethany's.

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