The elite generals of the Malachai, this group serves no other purpose than to bring about the end of times.

Members: Edit

  • Aeron
  • Bane Zaffar (formerly): Known in Biblical terms as Pestilence, he is ambivalent to the goings-on of the world and knows no true loyalty.
  • Caleb Malphas
  • Dagon
  • Grim Muerte (formerly): Known as the Rider on the Pale Horse in Biblical terms, he is otherwise known as Death. He is a close friend and lover with War.
  • Livia (formerly): Spreads jealousy and conflict on the battlefield but is not truly fit for combat.
  • Nashira
  • Nicholas Gautier: Uma-Šarru, or head of the beast, Nick is the most powerful member of this group and is also the leader. His main role is to provide direction. In Biblical terms, he is known as Conquest.
  • Wynter Laguerre (formerly): Known as the Rider on the Red Horse in Biblical terms, she is also known as War and is fond of causing conflict. Close friends and lover of Death.
  • Xevikan Daraxerxes: Šarru-Dara, or Blood King, of the Malachai. He is the deadliest of ancient gods and is the only god to ever kill a Chthonian outright.
  • Yrre (formerly): Commands the souls of the dead.

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