Talon, formerly known as Speirr, was the son of a Druid High Priest and a Celtic Queen. He was orphaned at age seven and left with the responsibility of caring for his infant sister Ceara. With nowhere to turn, Talon returned to his mother's village (which had banished both her and husband) where his uncle Idiag was in the first year of his rule.

The king took in Ceara as his own and barely acknowledged the boy. The clan never accepted them, but Talon earned their respect by his sword and temper as a warrior. He was supposed to marry the daughter of a Gaulish king, but he followed his heart and married Nynia, the fishmonger's daughter, instead. His uncle almost banished him for it, but his aunt Ora saw that Nynia was Talon's soulmate and their union was the work of the gods.

He was chosen as his uncle's successor and took over after Idiag was killed in an enemy ambush. A few months later, Ora was raped and brutally murdered. Talon believed it was the work of the Gauls, whose princess he had spurned. He slaughtered them all, including the Gaulish king, who turned out to be the son of the god Camulus. Camulus cursed Talon to watch all his loved ones die.

When Nynia gave birth to their son, he was stillborn, and Nynia died of blood loss a few hours later. After the deaths of his aunt, uncle, wife and son over a short period of time, Talon was told that his ancient gods had cursed him and would plague his sister, his people and his lands so long as he lived. To appease the gods, he would have to be sacrificed to them.

Once his clan had Talon secured to the altar, his cousin Murrdyd had his sister Ceara killed before his eyes. He gladly ceded his soul to Artemis for revenge against him. He later found out that Murrdyd had staged the attack on Ora and pinned it on the Gauls.

After he became a Dark-Hunter, Talon remained a loner so as not to bring Camulus' curse down on anyone near him. His only companion was the spirit of his sister Ceara, who vowed not to pass into the afterlife and leave him alone.