Tabby is something else. The only question is what? She walks to her own beat and takes nothing from anyone. She is the baddest human who stalks the night. Her powers include intuition, psychometry and empathy, which Acheron Parthenopaeus taught her to dampen for her own sanity. However, it can still be overwhelming for her. She lashes out in anger when that happens. She is also a Daimon magnet because of her powers, which is what led her to becoming a slayer. Talon is the one who saved her from her first Daimon attack when she was thirteen, walking home from the library.

She currently owns a lingerie store in New Orleans, but she was an anthropology major in college and has her M.A. in Ancient Civilizations. Her specialty was Rome, making her the perfect match for the Roman Dark-Hunter Valerius. They met when she accidentally stabbed him during a fight with Daimons. She broke through his uptight outer shell and he accepted her for all her eccentric ways. She still had to battle for her twin sister Amanda to accept him because his grandfather had killed her husband Kyrian. The two men have entered into an uneasy détente.

Acheron gave her immortality when he gave it to Amanda so that they would never have to lose each other. Valerius' half-brother Zarek gave him nectar as a wedding gift so that he could be immortal too.