Sunshine met Talon when he saved her from a Daimon attack. The Daimons threw him into the path of a Mardi Gras float, which broke his leg. Since he refused to let Sunshine call an ambulance, she took him back to her home. After they made love, she began having dreams and flashbacks of her former life as Nynia, his first and only love. Nynia had died just after giving birth to their stillborn son.

Sunshine was targeted by Camulus, Dionysus, and Styxx in Night Embrace. They were using her to target Talon and Acheron Parthenopaeus. She offered her soul to Camulus in exchange for Talon's life, but her grandmother showed up and revealed that she was actually the goddess Morrigán. Since Sunshine had the blood of a Celtic goddess, Camulus couldn't kill her without starting a war with that pantheon. Since Talon had drunk Sunshine's blood, he was also under the Morrigán's protection. The pair also had immortality through the goddess's blood.