Stone Legion

Stone Legion

A cursed race, the Stone Legion is under the command of Garafyn. By daylight, they are ugly Gargoyles who are forced to sit as stone (they can only move if they are commanded by the one who bears their emblem), but at night, they can move about freely and under the light of a full moon, they can again take the form of handsome warriors and knights--but only so long as the full moon touches them. Should they leave its light, they will immediately return to their gargoyle state. There are those who say there may be a way yet to lift their curse, but so far all those who have tried, have met with failure and death.

The Stone Legion isn't the only race that inhabits the realm of Camelot. There are also the Graylings, a twisted group of fey who were cursed to serve their more beautiful counterparts, the Adoni. More beautiful than any creature alive, the Adoni are truly evil to their core. They lack all mercy and all compassion. Graceful and slender, they will stop at nothing to bring the world of man to its knees.

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