Born of a human mother and the dream god Phobetor, Solin grew up on earth, but at night he ran amok in the dreams of other humans. Solin didn’t know he was an Oneroi until puberty, when his powers manifested. The moment they did, his mother cast him out. Completely amoral, he didn’t care what he did to others so long as he enjoyed himself.

For centuries, the Oneroi had tried to stop and trap Solin. He was one of the few Skoti who’d warranted a death sentence. His voracious appetites and fighting skills were legendary among the Oneroi who’d been unfortunate enough to confront him.

Solin is the one who inadvertently converted Arik into a Skotos. Much later, Arik asked Solin to help Geary Kafieri obtain permits to excavate Atlantis.

Solin once had a relationship with a Were-Hunter who wanted nothing to do with him after she found out he wasn't human. She asked him not to have any contact with their daughter Lydia, but she sent her to him when her pack was attacked and she was about to be killed. Solin raised her as his own daughter but did not reveal his connection to her until she was grown. He also hid from her the fact that she was the key to Olympus, meaning she had the power to kill all the Greek gods.

When Noir attacked the Dream-Hunters, he tortured D'Alerian until he revealed that Solin knew the whereabouts of the key. Noir then ordered Seth to send his swallow into Solin's dreams to capture him. Solin was also tortured, but did not betray his daughter. When she showed up in Azmodea to rescue him, Seth sent Solin back to the human realm to retrieve the key, not knowing that he held it in the form of his new prisoner Lydia. Solin recruited other Dream-Hunters to help him get Lydia back, but someone turned on them and locked them up while other Greek gods attacked Azmodea. Lydia eventually got free on her own.