Ancient History Edit

In the mythology of the Dark-Hunter series, Sin was the Sumerian god of the moon, the calendar, and fertility. A prophecy foretold that Sin and his brothers (triplets) would be the doom of his pantheon. The oldest triplet was killed by his father, but the third brother Zakar was hidden by Sin in the dream realm and Sin convinced his father that he had already killed him.

Sin was married to Ningal, who was unfaithful, making him an object of derision to the other gods. Lonely and angry, he went to Artemis' temple one night. She drugged him, then tricked her daughter Katra into draining his god powers and passing them on to her. That left him too weak to protect his beloved daughter Ishtar from gallu demons. Aphrodite replaced Ishtar in the Sumerian pantheon and sowed jealousy among the gods. Distracted by their infighting, they were easily slaughtered by the Greek gods. Thus Sin's actions instigated a chain of events that culminated in the downfall of the Sumerian pantheon, as predicted by the prophecy.

Present Edit

Since he was betrayed by both Ningal and Artemis, Sin decided to never trust another woman in his life again. Instead, he devotes himself to killing gallu and preventing the Dimme from going free. Acheron put him on the Dark-Hunter payroll, but he was never one of them. He also runs Ishtar Casino in Las Vegas.

His life changed when Artemis ordered Katra to kill him. Katra found herself falling in love with him and gained his trust, despite having played such a destructive role in his past. Katra was then bitten by a gallu and started turning into one. Acheron directed Sin to blood bond with Katra, which saved her life.

Sin and Katra teamed up with Acheron and two Charonte to rescue Zakar from the gallu and reseal the tomb of the Dimme. Sin and Katra now live happily with their daughter Artemesia Katra Ishtara Parthenopaeus, or more simply, Mia.