Most Egyptian myths claim Set is childless and incapable of procreation, but other myths list him as the father of Anubis and/or Thoth. His wife is usually listed as Nyphthys, but he is also linked with Anat, Astarte and Tawaret. In the realm of the Dark-Hunters, he is the father of Bathymaas and Seth, and once threatened to tear down the entire Atlantean pantheon. Archon and Apollo are not his pals, but he has been a known ally of both Apollymi and Menyara.

Bathymaas was not born, but created to keep Set grounded after he went on a rampage that maimed or killed several gods. When she was a child, he gave her an Egyptian heart (ieb) amulet containing his love for her. He said it was her heart because, not having been born, she didn't have her own. After Bathymaas died, she went on her own rampage and was sentenced to death, but Ma'at helped her be reborn to Set and Symfora as Bethany. Set had to remove the part of her heart that contained Aricles to accomplish this; he hid the other half in his domain.

Many years later, Leto stole that half and the DNA of his son Seth, which allowed her to trap him in the desert. All the gods believed he was dead until Styxx found and rescued him.

It is revealed in Styxx that he is primary Source god Rezar.

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