The seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Selena is the wildest of her sisters. She lives her life fully and is truly outrageous. She has PhDs in ancient history and physics, but she reads tarot cards and runs a mystical boutique for a living.

She met Bill in high school, and they dated off and on all throughout college. Bill wasn’t sure he was ready to take on her antics for the rest of his life. But once they were arrested (for skinny dipping) and spent the night in jail, he was hooked. They were married three days later in a goat pasture (don’t ask).

Bill’s grateful he had the guts to marry her. And also A) that his father is loaded and B) that he went to law school.

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  • Selena handcuffs herself to a gate in Jackson Square to protest the new law banning psychics from reading cards in the Square for tourists. Acheron Parthenopaeus buys her a building across the street so she can open her own shop.

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  • Selena offers her cousin Josette Landry a job videotaping Karma Devereaux and her friends investigating a haunted house.