Ruthless, treacherous, and ambitious, Satara was a daughter of Apollo who worked closely with her half-brother Stryker to ruin her father and his twin. Satara was given by her father at a young age to the service of Artemis in order to serve as her attendant and her food source as well as to function a spy for her father by keeping tabs on his sister.

Centuries ago, Satara seduced the Dream-Hunter Xypher and convinced him to haunt her enemies' dreams. The other gods found out that Satara was behind this and were going to kill her, but Xypher took the blame instead. He traded his soul to Jaden in exchange for making everyone believe that Xypher was solely responsible for the crimes. She promised to visit Xypher in Tartarus and feed him seeds from Apollymi’s garden that would completely kill him so he wouldn’t suffer for eternity. Instead, she joined Hades in torturing him.

When Nick Gautier was briefly in league with Stryker, Satara was able to feel his emotions through their shared blood. Just like with Xypher, she seduced him and manipulated him to do her bidding. She lied to him that she could bring his mother Cherise back to life if he kidnapped Kyrian's daughter Marissa and took her to Kalosis, but Nick couldn't bring himself to do that. The last straw came when Satara ordered him to rape Tory Kafieri. Nick refused and killed Satara instead.