When Sasha was fourteen years old, his family took sides in the war between the Greek and Egyptian pantheons; they supported Bast against Artemis. All his family members died in battle or were executed afterward, but the justice nymph Lera spared him due to his youth. However, Artemis restricted Sasha's Were-Hunter powers. His pack viewed him as a traitor and they almost killed him, but Astrid saved him. He stayed with her and allowed her to look through his eyes when she was blind in human form. After Astrid married Zarek, Sasha stayed at Sanctuary when she didn't need him. He and Zarek dislike each other intensely.

In Retribution, Zarek sent Sasha to Nevada to help Sundown, who is Zarek's only friend. He accompanied Sundown, Abigail, Ren, and Choo Co La Tah to the Valley of Fire to fight Coyote. In Time Untime, he went to Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, with Cabeza, Urian, and Sundown to help Ren and Kateri escape. He was wounded but recovered.

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