Samia is the granddaughter of the famous Amazon queen Hippolyte and is a fierce warrior herself. Her sister was jealous that Samia had been chosen to be the next queen, so she made a deal with demons to kill Samia, her husband, their daughter, and their unborn child. When she was reborn as a Dark-Hunter, Artemis gave her the gift of psychometry so that she could know everything about everyone around her and thus never be betrayed again. However, the power was so strong that she avoided coming into contact with all objects. She only wears clothes conjured by Acheron and food she has grown herself.

In No Mercy, Stryker decided he needed Samia's powers to find his father Apollo's weakness. He sent Daimons after her, but Dev sensed her pain and rescued her. They hid out at Club Charonte for a while, but she was kidnapped by the demon Lazaros. He wanted revenge against Samia because she had killed his brother, who was one of the demons that killed her family. Cael and Amaranda rescued her that time, but they turned her over to Thorn, who held her captive until Dev and Fang could obtain Hippolyte's girdle. In spirit form, she accompanied them and two of her fellow Dogs of War to the realm where it was hidden. There she had to battle Aello, a formidable Amazon, but she displayed immense prowess and won the girdle. After that adventure, it was her turn to rescue Dev, who had been kidnapped by Stryker to lure her in. Stryker took her to Kalosis, where he forced her to read one of Apollo's belongings. Instead of discovering his weakness, she learned that Apollo still loves Stryker and regrets the curse he placed on him.

Savia and Dev mated and Nick retrieved her soul from Artemis. She chose not to take back it back because she wants to remain immortal. Now that she and Dev are bonded, he is immortal too. Savitar's bonding gift was the ability to conceive, which is normally not possible for Dark-Hunters. They don't have any children yet.