A Were-Hunter’s code is to die with honor. Ravyn’s personal code is that no one takes from him what he holds dearest. And on the night of his death, those two codes came into conflict and resulted in his choosing his own way.

You mess with him and you will pay for it.

He usually wears his hair long, but is known for pulling it back to stalk Daimons and Katagaria. He walks a shadowy line between two worlds and isn’t accepted by either side. Sensual and aloof, he avoids relationships of any kind, except for physical. Unlike other Dark-Hunters he doesn’t have the benefit of outliving his kinsmen. In fact, his father, younger brothers and sister even live in Seattle not far from him, but because of the laws of both Hunterkind, they are never to associate. Not to mention the fact that his father not only denounced him for becoming a Dark-Hunter, but disowned him as well. He is classified as an exoristos, which precludes any member of his clan from even speaking his name.

Unlike most Dark-Hunters, he’s much older physically. In his late thirties in human appearance, his actual age at death was 635. His first chosen mate was Isabeau, who told her village about him. The humans slaughtered all of the women and children of Ravyn's patria. He never finished the mating ceremony with her.

He lives his immortality as an outlaw. He not only goes after Daimons, but any Katagaria male he can find. At times, he’s even been known to go after the Arcadians. His only loyalty is to himself. That is until Susan Michaels rescues him from an animal shelter thinking him just a cat. He starts to respect her courage and strength with having been rudely brought into his world.

Saleen S7

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