Omegrion seal

Official council seal

The Omegrion is the ruling council of the Were-Hunters. It was founded by Savitar (although he's not technically a member) and it meets on his island Neratiti. The council decides the guilt or innocence of Were-Hunters accused of breaking their laws and assigns punishment if necessary. They are also responsible for setting up sanctuaries.

It is supposed to be composed of one representative (called a Regis) from each Arcadian and Katagari species, but there are two empty seats: the Arcadian Balios are extinct and there is no suitable female in the Katagari Ursulan line after Nicolette Peltier's death. This is the makeup of the council:

Patria Arcadian Katagaria
Balios Extinct Myles Stephanopoulos
Drakos Damos Kattalakis Darion Kattalakis
Gerakian Arion Petrakis Draven Hawke
Helikias Jace Wilder Michael Giovanni
Litarian Patrice Leonides Paris Sebastienne
Lykos Vane Kattalakis Fury Kattalakis
Niphetos Pardalia Anelise Romano Wren Tigarian
Panthiras Alexander James Dante Pontis
Pardalia Dorian Kontis Stefan Kouris
Tigarian Adrian Gavril Lysander Stephanos
Tsakalis Constantine Vincenzo Moretti
Ursulan Leo Apollonian Nicolette Peltier