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Nicholas Ambrosius Gautier
Alternate Name Ambrose (in the Chronicles of Nick)
AKA Nick
D.O.B. September 12, 1978
Age 27 at Human Death
Birthplace New Orleans, LA
Residence New Orleans, LA (Formerly & Moved back after the events of Seattle)
Neratiti (Savitar's Island & where Nick stayed waiting to be trained as a Dark-Hunter)
Seattle, WA (Savitar turned his training over to Ravyn Kontis & he moved back to New Orleans shortly afterward)
Race 1/2 Malachai & 1/2 Human
Height 6'4"
Weight Unknown
Shoe Size Big enough to kick the ass of his enemies
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eyes Hazel Blue (turned Swirling Silver)
Body Shape
Transport Jaguar XKR
Favourite Music
Relatives Mr. & Mrs. Gautier (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
Unnamed Malachai (Paternal Grandfather, Deceased)
Adarian Malachai (Father, Deceased)
Cherise Gautier (Mother, Deceased)
Madoc (Unknown Paternal Relation, Alive)
Powers Godlike
Fighting Style
Lovers Nekoda Belam (in the Chronicles of Nick)
Too Many to List

Bastard son of a convict (who died in Angola during a prison riot), and a teenage exotic dancer on Bourbon Street (Cherise Gautier), Nick was raised in the back room of his mother's club and ran wild as a child. He was pulled off the streets by the Dark-Hunter Kyrian. It didn't take him long to become a brilliant prelaw student at Loyola and a technogeek computer whiz. According to Tad Addams, Nick could hack into anything.

Nick was Kyrian's Squire and best man at his wedding, drinking buddies with Tabitha Devereaux, and—despite his smart-mouthed, mule-headed, charming-as-hell self—the closest thing to a best friend Acheron ever had. After Kyrian's return to mortality, Nick became Talon's unofficial, part-time Squire. It all sort of went to pot the night Nick made the worst decision of his life and slept with Simi... though to his credit, he did n't know what she meant to Ash at the time. Ash went so crazy when he found out that he inadvertently cursed Nick by saying, "If I were you, I'd kill myself to save me the trouble ofdoing it later."When Nick found his beloved mother after she had been murdered by the Desiderius-possessed Ulric, he took his own life so that Artemis would be forced to make him a Dark-Hunter and allow him his vengeance. Artemis—who cannot make a Dark-Hunter from a suicide—felt she had no right to Nick's soul, so she handed it over to Acheron.

Nick bears his bow-and-arrow mark on his face and neck, making it impossible to conceal (though it goes quite well with his Blood Rite tattoo). After Acheron gave Nick to Savitar to train, Savitar handed him over to Ravyn Kontis. Angry at the world, Nick ran off and really went to the dark side. He made a pact with Stryker and drank his blood, an act that gave him silver eyes and godlike powers.

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