Deserted Island Paradise

Introduction Edit

Neratiti is Savitar's mystical island home. It floats, so the precise location can never be determined. It is also cloaked so that no one can teleport to it without an invitation from Savitar.

The meetings of the Omegrion are held in a lavish council room: "The large circular chamber was decorated in burgundy and gold. Through the open windows that spanned from the black marble floor to the gilded ceiling, she could see and hear the ocean on all sides of the room. Oddly enough, the entire room reminded her of an ancient sultan’s tent. Lavishly decorated, it had an enormous round table in the center..."[1] Since Savitar is only the mediator and not a council member, he sits in a throne to the side of the table.

Appearances Edit

Unleash the Night Edit

  • The Omegrion meets on Neratiti to decide Wren Tigarian's fate.
  • It is revealed that Nick Gautier is living on the island, awaiting training from Savitar.

"Shadow of the Moon" Edit

  • Fury Kattalakis turns himself in to the Omegrion for the killing of a Litarian, but his brother Dare confesses.

One Silent Night Edit

Bad Moon Rising Edit

  • The Omegrion meets on Neratiti to decide Fang Kattalakis' fate.
  • Fang turns himself in to Savitar, who pretends to execute him, but locks him up instead. On Aimee's behalf, Simi melts the door to the cell. Savitar kicks everyone off the island.

Styxx Edit

  • Everyone in Acheron Parthenopaeus' household takes refuge on Neratiti when the Atlantean gods awaken.
  • Bethany's body is kept at Savitar's home until her spirit is reunited with it.

Dragonbane Edit

References Edit

  1. Dragonbane, page 278

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