Book of Dragons Edit

Sebastian Kattalakis took The Book of Dragons from the Library of Alexandria the day before it was destroyed by fire. He gave it to his mate Channon, who used it and the Dragon Tapestry to create an elaborate mythology of dragons so that humans wouldn't learn the truth about Were-Hunters.

First appearance: "Dragonswan"

Dagger of Justice Edit

The First Guardian's weapon, with which he killed Butterfly.

First appearance: Retribution

Deamarkonians Edit

A pair of bracelets that binds the wearers' life forces. Invented by the Atlanteans to kill powerful enemies by taking out someone weaker. Stryker's Spathi Daimons attached deamarkonians to both Xypher and Simone, but Xypher made a deal with Jaden to remove them.

First appearance: Dream Chaser

Diktyon Edit

A net that immobilizes anyone caught in it. Created by Artemis for hunting.

First appearance: The Dream-Hunter

Dragon Tapestry Edit

The dragon tapestry is a ten-foot-long tapestry that chronicles the creation of the Were-Hunters. It was made by Antiphone, Sebastian Kattalakis' sister, in seventh-century Britain. Katagaria Slayers tried to steal it from her because they wrongly believed it contained the secrets of their creation. Sebastian took it into the future for protection, but retrieved it when the Slayers demanded he trade it for his kidnapped brother Damos. Sebastian defeated the slayers and returned the tapestry to the future.

First appearance: "Dragonswan"

Grimoire Edit

Officially titled Necravitacon ("Book of the Living Dead"), this is the book of the Malachai. Adarian left it behind in Azmodea, whence Seth retrieved it. Seth gave it to Ambrose, who in turn gave it to Nick. It is possessed by a mischievous eastern oracle spirit named Nashira. It appears to be a blank journal until Nick drops his own blood into it. Then the blood turns into writing that gives him information.

First appearance: Infinity

Marking Medallion Edit

A gift from the gods symbolizing their protection of a mortal.

First appearance: Night Embrace

Metriazo Collar Edit

A thin silver collar that sends tiny ionic pulses into the body of a Were-Hunter to prevent him or her from using their magic powers.

First appearance: Night Play

Phaser Edit

An Arcadian Sentinel weapon developed for use against the Katagaria. Stronger than a Taser, it sends a vicious jolt of electricity through the victims, causing their magic to go berserk. They are unable to hold either of their forms and a strong enough jolt will cause them to literally fall out of their bodies and become non-corporeal beings such as ghosts.

First appearance: Unleash the Night

Priestess Medallion Edit

Medallion worn by Apollymi's priestesses. When they were in danger, they put it in their mouths, which allowed Apollymi to possess and protect them. Apollymi gave one to dimme.

First appearance: The Dream-Hunter

Pulse Edit

Shot into a Katagari's body, it emits small electrical signals that keep him or her in animal form permanently. Invented in 3062 A.D.

First appearance: "Shadow of the Moon"

Rod of Time Edit

The Sumerian key to the Dimmes' prison is a jewel-encrusted dagger in the shape of a raven. Zakar hid it in Ishtar's tomb.

First appearance: Devil May Cry

Seal of Anikutani Edit

A large, round stone that covered the tomb of the last seven Anikutani warriors. Kateri's colleague dug it up and sent it to her.

First appearance: Time Untime

Sfora Edit

A scrying globe that people in Katoteros can use to watch events in other realms, including the human realm. Sometimes those being viewed can sense that someone is watching.

Acheron lent his sfora to Sin and Zakar so they could use it to reseal the Dimmes' prison.

First appearance: Sins of the Night

Sword of Cronus Edit

Julian’s sword. Only those with the blood of Cronus in their veins may touch it without being burned.

First appearance: Fantasy Lover

Tablet of Destiny Edit

Whoever holds possession of the tablet could render another god powerless. It could also be used to strip a god of their powers entirely and thereby allow the possessor to kill any god they chose. Kessar stole it from Sin, but Acheron stole it back.

First appearance: Devil May Cry

Time Stone Edit

Known as the kinichi, the time stone was created by the Mayan god Ahau Kin.

To save his children and those they protect, Ahau Kin plucked a piece of the sun from the sky and locked it inside a special stone. Whenever the stars were to align with the solstice and the gate was to weaken and allow them to leave their prison, the Ixkib—the soul jaguar who was a direct daughter from Ahau Kin’s wife—was to use the stone to drive that darkness back into the sky and seal it shut, thereby resetting the calendar until the next alignment. But should his children exist no more, then the world of man will cease.…

Time Untime

First appearance: Retribution

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