Many want to confuse Mennie with Bast and some even call her that, but she is, in fact, Ma’at. Bast was defeated by Artemis when the Greeks invaded Egypt. That war is also what cost Sasha his entire family.

Before Bast died, she passed many of her powers to Ma’at in order to keep Artemis from gaining them. It’s because of that dual duty Ma’at was forced into that people now confuse them.

As a goddess of divine order, truth and justice, Menyara is in New Orleans to try and save Nick from his destiny. She failed with the last Malachai and knows that if she doesn’t succeed this time, there won’t be another chance. She delivered Nick when he was born as Cherise couldn't afford a hospital stay and has kept watch over them until 2004 when Desiderius killed Cherise and Nick went missing. She had locked Nick's powers and hid him from the rest of the world. She goes to the cemetery and talks to Cherise all of the time.