Malachai Emblem

Symbol of the Malachai

History Edit

The Malachai. Corrupt. Angry. Bitter. Cruel. Sadistic. Demons all, and ultimately evil, the Malachai were created when the Primus Bellum was fought, and the darkest power—the Mavromino—created the Malachai to bring down the Sephirii. They are often compared to an army of fallen angels. They are demonic, cold-blooded, and capable of tearing apart anything that gets in their path. They are tools of ultimate evil and have the powers to destroy gods and absorb their powers without destroying the universe, an ability somewhat similar to Chthonians.

When the Mavromino turned against the Source and thought to end all creation, the Sephirii were unleashed to kill him. Most of them flew into traps, but enough Sephirii survived to declare war on the Malachai, and they would have destroyed them had they not been betrayed by one of their own.

When both sides made a truce, they agreed to execute their own soldiers. All of the Malachai and Sephirii were then put down except for one on each side. Jared, who'd helped Mavromino, was to live on to suffer and to see what he'd done. His powers were bound and and he was to be forever shamed and enslaved. The primal order allowed a Malachai to escape as well, only should Jared escape his punishment — that Malachai would be the only thing able to kill him.

The General of the Malachai was forced to put down his army. He alone was spared because his mother, the goddess Braith, bargained with both sides. Jared was also left alive because the balance required it. He refused to kill his wife, but the gods drugged him into an unthinking rage and he murdered her as well as his unborn son. He cursed those who betrayed him so to suffer the rage and wrath of his descendants for all time. He died but was returned to life by the gods he had cursed with his dying breath. What was revived was not him though, and the rage that came to characterize the Malachai line was born.

The Malachai were responsible for fathering many of the weaker demonkyn races. Only the descendant of the firstborn Malachai can father another Malachai. In order to keep the pact, the father Malachai must die before the son can come into his powers. When the son is near its father, he will begin to drain his father's powers, adding them to his own. The Malachai are an object of desire, as they hold great power. The dark trinity created a collar they can use to enslave the Malachai.

The Malachai are described to have blood that is black and has properties of supernatural napalm when mixed with holy water. it is also hinted that all parts of the Malachai's body are powerful ingredients for powerful and dark spells.

The Malachai is said to be immortal. However this has loose meaning. Malachai upon coming into their powers also receive the memories and hatred of their forefathers, alone with killer instinct and battle knowledge. Generally speaking if the son kills his father he is well capable of defending himself, if not he dies to the father. As a result a natural killer with near infinite power is created. In the case of an more passive Malachai without knowledge of his powers, i.e. Nick, it is possible to kill him. The result, as to maintain the balance of the universe, the powers would be inherited by another, especially if there is a blood relative.

Nick Gautier Malachai Form

Appearance Edit

On the surface, they are totally human. Mostly someone with black hair and dark brown eyes. Even the gods cannot sense what they are unless they are actively using their power. In their "true" form, they have black skin with swirling patterns of color, which differ with each Malachai (red with Nick, gold with Adarian). Their eyes can be red, orange and yellow, as well as the color of their human eyes. Their garb is that of a suit of gunmetal black armor, heavily spiked, and adorned with three pendulums representing the three fates. The armor is said to be indestructible. 

They can do many things, such as control the elements, see the future, absorb god powers, but the only thing they can't do is time travel. But even that can be circumvented, as they can steal that power temporarily by drinking the blood of a being who can, as revealed by Ambrose in Infamous. It was revealed that the Malachai enslaves any demon by saving the life of a demon in mortal danger.


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