History Edit

Kyrian of Thrace was the sole heir to the throne of Thrace. At age twenty, his uncle Zetes thrust him under the care of Julian of Macedon with threat of bodily harm if anything happened to his nephew.

At age twenty-two, he met and fell instantly in love with Theone, a women eight years his senior known for her renowned beauty. He disregarded friends and family in marrying her, a peddler of flesh, thus igniting his father's furor and leading to his disinheritance.

Although he lavished her with love and gifts, she betrayed him in every way possible. While Julian and he were away fighting the Romans, she welcomed them into their home and ultimately their marital bed. Shortly after Julian's curse and subsequent absence, Kyrian was caught in a trap set up by Theone. Valerius, his greatest enemy, beat and tortured him for four weeks, culminating in the ultimate act of betrayal: having sex with Theone right in front of him. Kyrian was then crucified and by the Roman army. During this moment his soul unleashed such a cry that all of Olympus heard. Artemis came to him and gave him one last act of vengeance against Theone if he vowed allegiance in exchange for becoming a Dark-Hunter.

In the Present Edit

In Night Pleasures, he woke up handcuffed to Amanda Devereaux. She helped him defeat the Daimon Desiderius and reclaim his soul from Artemis. He was human after that and married Amanda. In Seize the Night, they were killed by Daimons but Ash brought them back to life and made them immortal. They now have two children, Marissa and Nicholas Julian (NJ).

Apperance Edit

Height: 6'5"[1]

Eye Color - Dark Hunter: Black[2]

Eye Color - Natural: light vibrant green[3]

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Length: (In Chronicles of Nick) short[4] (In Night Pleasures ) to the base of his neck[5]

Hair Texture: (In Chronicles of Nick) boyish curls[6] (In Night Pleasures ) wavy[7]

Build: Lithe and strong.[8] His shoulders are incredibly broad, with sculpted muscles that promise strength, speed, and agility. His pecs and arms are every bit as well-formed and tight. Flat abs. A thin trail of coffee-colored hairs that started at his navel and vanishes under his pants. And a multitude of scars that cross his flesh.[9] He has long, graceful fingers that looked as though they should belong to an artist or musician.[10]

Skintone: white/His skin is golden all over.[11]

Face: His jaw is strong and defined, his cheekbones high. His face is aristocratically boned, and he had just the tiniest hint of a cleft in his chin. Full and expressive lips. A hairline scar that ran across the lower edge of his jaw, from his ear to his chin.[12]

Scent: leather and sandalwood[13]

Manner of Speach: Nick liked the formal way Kyrian spoke sometimes. He went back and forth from typical slang to some old-world expressions that were tinged with an accent Nick couldn't place.[14] His voice was so deep it reminded her of thunder and it rumbled through her with a devastating effect.[15]

Dark Hunter Mark: small double-bow-and-arrow symbol branded into his left shoulder[16]

Equipment & Dress Edit

Dress Edit

He wears an expensive black coat made of leather so soft it doesn't even make that crackling leather sound.  He also generally wears black. High-end black.[17]

He wears a pair of small, dark, round sunglasses.[18]

Custom Boots Edit

Ferragamo[19] black biker boots with strange silver inlays in the heels.[20] One of them has a retractable knife that protrudes from the toe.[21]

Ring Edit

He wears a ring on his right hand. The top of the ring was made of flat rubies and held the design of a sword of diamonds surrounded by emerald laurel leaves and topped with a sapphire crown which is the royal seal. The gold was scuffed and nicked in a number of places as if it had been seriously mistreated.

In Night Pleasures, he instructs Amanda that in the case of his death, she is to take the ring and find a tree, any tree, and say the words,  ‘Artemis, I summon you to human form'.

Sword Edit

He uses a retractable sword. Pressing the stone on the hilt causes it to extend or retract. Extended, it reaches a length of five feet[22], retracted, he can easily conceal it in his pocket.[23]

Transportation Edit

Kyrian drives a top of the line, fully loaded, Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Bugatti, an Alfa Romeo, an Aston Martin, and a Bentley.[24]

His favorite is the black Lamborghini Diablo. He listens to Lynyrd Skynyrd when in the Diablo.[25]

“You know,” Hunter said calmly. “I really hate Romans, but I have to say their descendants make one fine automobile.”[26]

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