Kerryna is the Dimme who escaped from the ancient Sumerian prison at the end of Devil May Cry. Although all Dimme are supposed to be vicious and bloodthirsty, Kerryna explains in Dream Chaser that Sin's daughter Ishtar gave them the gift of compassion. She has killed two men in the human realm but claims that they both deserved it. She is barely 5' tall with pale skin and lips. she has long silvery blond hair and silver gray eyes. Simone's father, Palackas, was brother to her father.

She traveled to New Orleans because her cousin Simone lives there. When she met Simone she also gave her her red necklace so that if she was needed all she had to do was hold the necklace and call her name. She met and fell in love with the Charonte Xedrix, who is also hiding out in the city and was pregnant by him. She was kidnapped by Spathi Daimons and poisoned with Aperia. She was supposed to kill Xypher and Apollymi to obtain the antidote, but Katra Agrotera just demanded it from Satara instead.