Hellchaser emblem

Long before time began, a war was fought between the powers of light and darkness. From their blood sprang some of the deadliest preternatural predators ever conceived. Demons and others so evil, no one could fight them. Mankind was left to cower and fall victim to their cruelty.

Until a pact was made...

We are the silent soldiers sent in to combat the worst of all evils—demons so terrifying even the bravest exorcist runs. When something breaks free from its hell, we are the ones sent in to retrieve it, banish it or kill it. Led by the mysterious Thorn, we are shapeshifters, demons, and other souls who were damned by either knowing too much or treading down the path best left undisturbed... Sometimes we started out even worse than the ones we're sent after.

The only thing that unites us is our commitment to stand strong and to battle to the bitter end. Pray you never become one of our targets.

Most of all, pray we never fall.