Doomtown- Black Elk

The First Guardian Edit

At the beginning of time, the First Guardian locked away all the world's evil in the West Lands. Eventually Evil bred with Father Sun and produced the Grizzly Spirit, which escaped into an embittered warrior. The warrior brought much suffering and death to the earth until the First Guardian captured him. The battle lasted a year and a day; the scar from the battle is known as the Grand Canyon today. The First Guardian banished the Grizzly Spirit back into the West Lands behind a gate. Then he placed the Grizzly Spirit's eight plagues into jars and appointed four Guardians to protect them. Finally he disappeared into the West Lands to rest and may still be there now.

The Guardians Edit

The First Guardian had learned from his experience with the Grizzly Spirit that the world needs a balance of good and evil, so he appointed two Guardians of Light (North and West) and two Guardians of Dark (South and East). Three of the Guardians were chosen for their worthiness in passing the First Guardian's tests; the fourth Guardian was Crow, the warrior who had been possessed by the Grizzly Spirit. Crow's brother Coyote allowed him to be killed and took the Guardianship for himself. Thus the current Guardians and their plagues are:

North - Choo Co La Tah
Plagues: unknown
West -  Old Bear
Plagues: unknown
South - Snake
Plagues: flesh-eating virus, bloodfire
East - Coyote
Plagues: scorpions, wasps

New guardians will not be chosen until the Time Untime, when the calendar resets.