Fury's father Markus is Katagaria and his mother Bryani is Arcadian. Bryani sent her three Katagari pups (Anya, Fang, and Vane) to live with Markus and kept her three Arcadian children (Dare, Fury, and Star). When Fury turned Katagaria at puberty, his pack sentenced him to a timoria, which is being beaten and left for dead. He then joined Markus' pack but did not reveal his true identity to his father or siblings.

In Night Play, Vane offered to take a blood oath of loyalty to Fury in exchange for guarding his mate Bride. After Vane defeated their father, he appointed Fury as leader of the pack.

In "Shadow of the Moon," Fury's brother Dare and his childhood best friend Angelia hunted him down. As Arcadians, they believed that all Katagaria were vicious animals who deserved to be slaughtered. After the Arcadian males tortured him, Fury kidnapped Angelia. He introduced her to Fang, Vane, Bride, and other Katagari males who helped her realize that Katagaria are decent and civilized. He turned himself in to the Omegrion for the murder of a Litarian to protect Angelia. She had known about the crime, but wasn't involved. At the trial, Dare confessed and Fury went free. He and Angelia are now mated and bonded.

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