Drugs Edit

Aperia Edit

A poison that affects demons

First appearance: Dream Chaser

Dragon's Bane Edit

A poison that affects Draki

First appearance: "Dragonswan"

Eycharistisi Edit

A potent Atlantean aphrodisiac that floods the body with endorphins and destroys all inhibitions. Its name comes from the Atlantean word for "pleasure."

First appearance: Night Embrace

ldios Edit

A rare serum made by the Oneroi that allows the user to become one with the dreamer for a short time. The dark red liquid is used in dreams to guide and direct, allowing one sleeper to experience another’s life so he can better understand it.

First appearance: Dance with the Devil

Lotus Serum Edit

A dangerous sedative that forces humans to sleep. Some go insane from it and some become so addicted they choose to never wake from their dreams. It gives some humans exceptionally bad headaches.

First appearance: The Dream-Hunter

Ypnsi Edit

sap from the trees in the darkest forests of Kalosis. It paralyzes a person and turns the skin gray.

First appearance: Seize the Night

Antidotes Edit

Tree of Life Edit

Supernatural tree that blooms only in Apollymi's garden. Its leaves alone can break the ypnsi.

First appearance: Seize the Night