Introduction Edit

Dante's Inferno is a goth nightclub owned and run by Dante Pontis. It is not officially a limani (sanctuary), but humans, Were-Hunters, Dark-Hunters, Apollites, Daimons, and others can expect to be left in peace as long as they don't start any trouble.

Features Edit

  • Music: either DJs or live bands
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Dancing
  • Arcade

Appearances Edit

Kiss of the Night Edit

  • Dante calls Wulf to notify him that some troublesome Daimons are on their way to his club. When Wulf shows up to kill them, he meets Cassandra, who will eventually become his wife.
  • Stryker lures Wulf and other Dark-Hunters to the club to distract them while his Daimons attack Elysia. It is here that Stryker murders Urian.

"Winter Born" Edit

  • Acheron invites Dante to Dragon*Con in the guise of checking out some bands to play at Dante's Inferno, but he actually knows that Dante will meet his mate Pandora there.

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