Past Edit

Coyote was engaged to Butterfly until she fell in love with Buffalo. He killed him out of jealousy, so she called The Avenging Spirit and told him to take Coyote's heart. At the last minute, Coyote put his brother Crow in his own place. He stole the role of Guardian after his brother died and forced Butterfly to marry him. At the wedding, the Keeper arrived and killed Butterfly for her role in the Guardian's death. Distraught at the loss of his brother and his beloved, Coyote cursed Buffalo to be betrayed in all his lifetimes. He cursed Butterfly to lose Buffalo on her wedding day in all their lifetimes and not to be happy married to any other man. He also cursed them both never reunite with each other so long as they were human.

Present Edit

After Old Bear was killed, Coyote unleashed his plagues (scorpions and wasps) on the world. His goal was to destroy Choo Co La Tah, the Guardian of the North, and prevent Sundown (Buffalo reincarnated) and Abigail (Butterfly reincarnated) from reuniting. If he could achieve that, he would be able to choose the new Guardians at the Time Untime and unite their powers to rule the world. Coyote fought all of them at the end of Retribution, but he lost and ran away.