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Little is known about the Chthonian Godkillers save that they are born as humans before gaining their powers. Their origin is unknown and neither is the extent of their powers. Their powers are shown to dwarf the powers of regular gods several times over, it has been stated that the Chthonian Savitar could kill a lesser god with as little as a thought.

Their Purpose Edit

It is know that Chthonians are charged with policing the various pantheons throughout the world to avoid all out war as the death of a god can have horrible effects on the world at large. The charge for one god killing another god in most cases is immediate execution.

There are however some exceptions to this rule as it is known that when the goddess Apollymi murdered her family the Chthonian Savitar as well as several of his brethren contained the destruction that would have come from their deaths. It is not know why this was done only that Savitar and Apollymi had a pre-existing relationship before the incident.

Known Powers Edit

Little is known about Chthonian powers, but they are tremendous. It has been stated on several occasions that they possess the powers of a God but on a far higher level than those possessed by normal gods. It has been hinted that they possess some additional power that can kill a god with ease but that this ability weakens their own powers greatly and as such they use it as more of a deterrent than as an actual weapon. Some gods however are more powerful than the Chthonians, the only known gods that possess this amount of power are Apollymi and her son Acheron (also however a Chthonian).

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