These were the sacred objects that Emrys Penmerlin entrusted to Arthur Pendragon so that he could rule the land peacefully without contestation. But once Camelot fell to evil and the king vanished, Aquila Penmerlin entrusted the the sacred objects into the hands of their waremerlins. They were scattered and hidden in the realm of man and of fey so that they would never fall into the hands of evil.

It is now a race to reclaim and reunite the lost objects.

  1. Excalibur: The sword created by the fey for good. The one who wields it cannot be killed, nor can he bleed so long as he holds the scabbard that sheaths it.
  2. Hamper of Garanhir: Created in order to feed the Pendragon's army while at war. Put in food for one, and out will appear food for one hundred.
  3. Horn of Bran: Given as a companion for the hamper, this horn is a never-ending cup that will provide wine and water for all who drink from it.
  4. Saddle of Morrigan: A gift to the Penmerlin from the goddess Morrigan, this will enable a person to go instantly wherever they desire. It was created so that the Pendragon would be able to oversee his kingdom with ease. No distance or time is too great. It can move a person from one continent to another or from one time period to another.
  5. Halter of Epona: Given by the goddess Epona, the halter, if hung on a bedpost at night, will grant the one who possesses it whatever horse he desires in the morning.
  6. Loom of Caswallan: A gift from the war-god, any cloth produced from this loom will be stronger than any armor forged by a mortal’s hand. No mortal weapon will ever be able to penetrate the cloth.
  7. Round Table: Table of power that was created by the Penmerlin. When all people are seated and the objects are in place, it is the ultimate in power. Whoever rules the table, rules the earth.
  8. Stone of Taranis: A gift from the god of thunder. Should a knight sharpen his sword with this stone, it will coat the blade with a poison so potent that even a tiny scratch from the blade will bring instant death.
  9. Mantle of Arthur: A gift from the Penmerlin, this will enable the wearer to become invisible to everyone around him or her.
  10. Orb of Sirona: Created by the goddess of astronomy, this will enable the person who holds it in their hand to see clearly on even the darkest night.
  11. Shield of Dagda: Whoever holds the shield of Dagda will be possessed of superhuman strength and so long as the shield is held in place, they cannot be wounded.
  12. Caliburn: A sword of the fey, this is the evil sword that balances out Excalibur. It is said that this one sword carries even more power and that it can destroy the other sacred objects.
  13. Holy Grail: No one is quite sure where it is. It is the greatest object of all for it can bring the dead back to life.

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