Cabeza is descended from Mayan gods, though he didn't inherit any of their powers. He was once a Mayan prince and priest from Tikal. He was trained to be one of the best Mayan warriors of his day and he more than excelled at what he was taught. So long as he lived, he kept the Snake Kingdom at bay and with his human demise, Tikal fell instantly into their hands. Cabeza earned his nickname (Spanish for "head") because as a child he crossed into enemy territory to retrieve his brother's severed head.

Cabeza made his first appearance in Time Untime, when his ancient foe Chacu attacked Kateri. He accompanied Sasha, Urian, and Sundown to Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, to help Ren and Kateri escape. After that, they all went to the Valley of Fire to prevent an apocalypse and Cabeza fought with Chacu, though the man got away.

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