Bethany is the reincarnation of Bathymaas, though for millennia she had no memory of that life. Yet she used to return to the fishing spot where she met Aricles and it was there that she re-encountered him as Styxx. She was in her human form because she was searching for Apostolos and couldn't hunt openly in the territory of the Greek pantheon. The gods are blind when they take human form, so she could not see what Styxx really looked like. If she could, she would have recognized him as the prince of Didymos. However, he lied to her and posed as a peasant, fearing that she would use or reject him if she knew the truth. Thus she repeatedly attacked him on the battlefield because he commanded an army attacking Atlantis and she was the Atlantean goddess of wrath. She eventually learned of Styxx's identity and told him that she was Set's daughter, but did not tell him she was a goddess. She had planned to give up her godhood and live as a mortal with him, but just before their wedding, Apollymi obliterated the entire Atlantean pantheon. The only mercy she granted was to remove their unborn child from Bethany's womb and place him in the womb of Stryker's second wife.

Bethany and the other Atlantean gods existed as non-sentient statues in Katoteros for eleven thousand years, until Simi accidentally woke them while searching for Bethany. Bethany did not wake because both halves of her heart were missing. Set had removed and hidden one half after Aricles died and Bathymaas went on a vengeful rampage; the other half died and was reborn with Styxx. Leto had stolen Set's half and used this to summon Bathymaas and trick her into killing Styxx. When Styxx was reborn yet again with his Chthonian powers, the couple was finally reunited and Bethany was whole. Their second son was born nine months later.