Bathymaas was not born, but created to keep Set grounded and on the side he’s supposed to be on. When she was a child, he gave her an Egyptian heart (ieb) amulet containing his love for her. He said it was her heart because, not having been born, she didn't have her own. Bathymaas also did not have emotions so that she could be impartial as the goddess of justice.
Heart amulet

Egyptian heart amulet

She formed the Ēperon[1], a group of warriors that protected humans while the Chthonians were at war with each other. The Ēperon consisted of two Apollites, two Atlanteans, and two humans. She began experiencing emotions in the presence of Aricles, one of the Atlantean members of the Ēperon. He gave her his metaphorical heart, which actually beat in her chest, and she gave him her ieb amulet. They married in secret.

Apollo was in love with Bathymaas, but she spurned him before and after she found Aricles. He tried to rape her, but Aricles stopped him, thus earning Apollo's ire. After more attacks, Aricles challenged Apollo to defend Bathymaas' honor, but she stepped in and challenged Apollo too. Apollo tricked her into shooting Aricles disguised as one of Artemis' hinds. Just before he died, Aricles vowed to return to her even if it took him ten thousand lifetimes.

Bathymaas flew into a rage and would have destroyed the Olympian pantheon if the Chthonians and gods hadn't banded together to stop her. She was sentenced to death, but Ma'at helped her be reborn to Set and Symfora as Bethany. Set had to remove the part of her heart that contained Aricles to accomplish this; he hid the other half in his domain.


  1. The word is spelled Ēperon in Styxx, but it is spelled Ēpera in Inferno. According to staff comments on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website, the variation is due to differences between Greek and Atlantean spelling.