Born before the dawn of time, Azura is one of the six first gods ever born onto the universe from the primal Source. A goddess of negativity, she is part of the Mavromino, and stands by her brother Noir's side and rules over their half of the nether realm Azmodea. Even though they called themselves brother and sister, there was nothing that united them in blood except their mutual quest for power and hunger for death. Azura is also the goddess of water, luring many in and drowning them.

Azura has now been unleashed and is questing for the Malachai who was her servant at one time. She won’t rest until she finds him.

May the gods help us all when she does.

She's also after her sister Braith and is hoping to locate her soon. If she and Noir can complete their trinity, they will be able to subjugate all, even without the Malachai.

Azura draws her power from Jaden. It’s why Jaden has to broker with the demons. Without their support, he would be drained dry and die from Azura.