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Atlantean Pantheon Family Tree


  • Apollymi: Destroyer of the Atlantean pantheon; goddess of life, death, war, wisdom, and destruction; spouse of Archon; mother of Apostolos
  • Archon: Ruler of the Atlantean pantheon; god of order and creation; spouse of Apollymi; father of The Fates, Agapa, Chara, Isorro, and Apostolos
  • Asteros: God of heavenly light, stars, comets, and fire; lover of Epithemia; father of Nyktos and Ilios
  • Atlantia
  • Basi: Goddess of lust and excess
  • Chaos: Formless matter that birthed the universe; brother of Ydor; lover of Fegkia, Zenobi, and Eda; father of the Atlantean gods
  • Dikastis: God of justice
  • Eda: Goddess of earth; lover of chaos; mother of Fysia
  • Epithymia: Goddess of desire; lover of Misos and Asteros; mother of Basi, Nyktos, and Ilios
  • The Fates
  • Fegkia: Goddess of splendor; lover of Chaos; mother of Archon, Misos, Thnita, Epithymia, and Asteros
  • Fysia: Goddess of nature; daughter of Eda and Chaos
  • Ilios: God of the sun
  • Isorro: God of moderation and temperance
  • Misos: God of war and death; spouse of Thnita; father of Zena, Stratiotis, Paidi, and Basi
  • Nyktos: God of the moon
  • Symfora: Goddess of death, sorrow, and woe; daughter of Nyktos and Basi; mother of Bet'anya Agriosa
  • Thnita: Goddess of mortality; spouse of Misos; mother of Zena, Stratiotis, and Paidi
  • Ydor: God of the oceans and water; brother of Chaos
  • Zenobi: Goddess of the Atlantean North Wind; lover of Chaos; mother of Apollym;, grandmother of Apostolos

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