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00 Atlantean Pantheon Family Tree


  • Chaos (the Formless Matter that Birthed the Universe; Brother of Ydor; Lover of Fegkia & Zenobi & Eda; Father of the Atlantean Gods)
  • Ydor (God of the Oceans & Water; Brother of Chaos)
  • Fegkia (Splendor; Lover of Chaos; Mother of Archon, Misos, Thnita, Epythemia & Asteros)
  • Zenobi (the Atlantean North Wind; Lover of Chaos; Mother of Apollymi, Grandmother of Apostolos.)
  • Atlantia ()
  • Eda (the Earth; Lover of Chaos; Mother of Fysia.)
  • Thnita (Goddess of Motality; Spouse of Misos; Mother of Zena, Stratiotis & Paidi.)
  • Misos (God of War & Death; Spouse of Thnita; Father of Zena, Stratiotis, Paidi & Basi by Epithemia.)
  • Epithymia (Goddess of Desire; Lover of Misos & Asteros; Mother of Basi, Nyktos & Ilios.)
  • Asteros (God of Heavenly Light, Stars, Comets & Fire; Lover of Epithemia; Father of Nyktos & Ilios.)
  • Archon (Ruler of the Atlantean Pantheon; God of Order & Creation; Spouse of Apollymi; Father of The Fates, Agapa, Chara, Isorro & Apostolos.)
  • Apollymi (Goddess of Life, Death and Wisdom; Spouse of Archon; Mother of Apostolos; Destroyer of the Atlantean Pantheon.)
  • Ilios (God of the sun.)
  • Basi (Goddess of lust Excess.)
  • Issoro (God of Moderation and Temperance.)
  • Nyktos (God of the Moon.)


An ancient island and kingdom that was once in the Aegean ocean. The island was concentric: an inner island surrounded by a ring of water, surrounded by a ring of land, surrounded by a ring of water, surrounded by a ring of land, surrounded by the ocean. Archon created Atlantis for his wife Apollymi, and named it after his sister, Atlantia. Apollymi was so thankful she cried, her tears creating the rings of water. Archon and Apollymi planned on populating the island with their children, but discovered she was barren. Archon created the Atlanteans: a race of mortals with psychic gifts and skills at magic. They were peaceful, intelligent, skilled, advanced, and had the greatest military at the time.

Apollo became jealous of the land. When his Apollites were banished from Greece, he led them to Atlantis. Archon sympathized with a race so much like his own and welcomed them. The Apollites and Atlanteans intermarried and soon became one incredibly powerful race. In 10,500 B.C., the Apollites sent a beautiful virgin to Delphi as a gift to Apollo. He sired five sets of Apollite twins with her. Shen returned to Atlantis with her children and they married into the royal family. Apollo's direct descendents were now ruling Atlantis and he lead his race to wage war on Greece. Apollo would sire a child on every queen of Atlantis, waiting for the son that would allow him to overtake Greece and take the throne from his father.

In 9548 B.C. Apollo fathered a child on the current widowed queen, and Apollymi discovered she was pregnant with her first child, Apostolos. Archon was told by the fates that this child would lead to the downfall of the Atlantean pantheon. He demanded that Apollymi kill her unborn child. Instead she and her sister hid the child in the womb of a Greek queen. The Atlanteans joined together and sealed Apollymi in their hell realm, Kolasis. Archon assumed that his son was placed inside the Atlantean queen and killed it as soon as it was born. The queen couldn't believe Apollo let his son die and she grew to hate him. Later, she ordered the death of Apollo's mistress, Ryssa, and his son, Apollodorus. It was her actions that brought Apollo's curse upon the Apollites. Apollo claims he sank Atlantis and destroyed the Atlantean Pantheon in his rage. However, when Apollo killed Apostolos/Acheron, Apollymi was freed from her prison. In her grief she destroyed the Atlantean gods and sank all of Atlantis. It is unknown why she spared Apollo, or how the Greek gods sealed her once again.

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