Aricles took on responsibility at a young age because his father became a heavy drinker after the death of his mother. He managed the family farm and protected his brothers Galenus ("Galen") and Perseus. Galen's martial prowess caught the attention of Caleb Malphas, who was scouting for Bathymaas' Ēperon.[1] The Ēperon was a group of warriors that protected humans while the Chthonians were at war with each other. Bathymaas and Caleb wanted representation from each of the mortal races: Apollites, Atlanteans, and humans. After Bathymaas and Caleb saw Aricles fight off demons at his family's farm, they choose both him and Galen as their Atlantean members of the Ēperon.

Bathymaas was emotionless so that she could be impartial as the goddess of justice; thus she often did not understand mortal ways. Other people were disconcerted by her questions and curiosity, but Aricles patiently explained everything to her. She accompanied him while he fished and began experiencing emotions while they spent time together. They eventually fell in love and married in secret.

Apollo was in love with Bathymaas, but she spurned him before and after she found Aricles. After one failed seduction, he took revenge by shooting her fiercest fighter, Aricles, in the chest with four arrows. He nearly died, but Bathymaas summoned her aunt Menyara to heal him. Apollo tried to rape Bathymaas on another occasion, but Aricles stopped him; Apollo retaliated by beating and raping Aricles. When Apollo found out that Aricles and Bathymaas were romantically involved, he blackmailed him by threatening to reveal their relationship to all the gods, which would damage Bathymaas' reputation both as a virgin goddess and as an impartial judge. Apollo demanded that Aricles abstain from battles, which angered the other men in the Ēperon, especially after one of them died. Bathymaas claimed Aricles publicly when she learned about all of this.

Aricles challenged Apollo to defend Bathymaas' honor, but she stepped in and challenged Apollo too. Apollo tricked her into shooting Aricles disguised as one of Artemis' hinds. Just before he died, Aricles vowed to return to her even if it took him ten thousand lifetimes. Galen assumed his twin brother's name and founded the royal House of Aricles. Many generations later, Aricles was reborn as Styxx, prince of the House of Aricles.


  1. The word is spelled Ēperon in Styxx, but it is spelled Ēpera in Inferno. According to staff comments on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website, the variation is due to differences between Greek and Atlantean spelling.