Aimee is the only daughter in the Peltier clan. This holds extra significance because bears are matrilineal. Since her mother Nicolette ("Mama Lo") was the Katagaria Grand Regis Ursulan, Aimee would have been next in line to take her seat on the Omegrion. However, Aimee is actually Arcadian, a secret she kept from everyone for decades.

Aimee also kept secret her feelings for Fang Kattalakis because he is a wolf and interspecies mating is taboo. She was the only person who went to him in the Nether Realms when he cried out for help; everyone else believed he was catatonic with grief over his sister's death. She hunted down and killed all the Daimons that had taken pieces of his soul until they were restored to him.

Aimee and Fang didn't consummate their mating until he was sentenced to death by Savitar. When his sentence was reversed, they had to face the consequences from the Were-Hunter world. Fang's family accepted them, but Mama Lo disowned her. It took longer than usual for the mating mark to appear on Aimee's palm, but she went to Sanctuary to tell her estranged family when it did. She interrupted a demon attack and was able to warn everyone in time to fight back. Dark-Hunters, Hellchasers, and the Kattalakis Katagaria were called in for reinforcements. Mama Lo saw Fang about to be stabbed during the battle and jumped in front of the sword. She was fatally wounded defending her daughter's mate and gave them her blessing before she died. Papa Bear Aubert died with her, so Aimee and Fang were named the new owners of Sanctuary.