Past Edit

In Abigail's first life, she was one of the Butterfly people, who were the guardians of the soul and born of the Light. "The Butterfly can be captured, but never claimed. Her love is a gift that only she can bestow on her chosen one."[1] She was engaged to Coyote until she met Buffalo, her chosen one. Coyote killed him out of jealousy, so she called The Avenging Spirit to take his heart. At the last minute, Coyote put his brother Crow in his own place. He stole the role of Guardian after his brother died and forced Butterfly to marry him. At the wedding, the Keeper arrived and killed Butterfly for her role in the death of two Guardians (Buffalo and Crow). Distraught at the loss of his brother and his beloved, Coyote cursed Buffalo to be betrayed in all his lifetimes. He cursed Butterfly to lose Buffalo on her wedding day in all their lifetimes and not to be happy married to any other man. He also cursed them both never reunite with each other so long as they were human.

In Abigail's penultimate lifetime, she was reincarnated as a woman named Matilda Aponi and was about to be married to Sundown, but his best friend Bart shot him in the back outside the church. Bart then killed the priest and her father and raped her.

Present Edit

Coyote killed Abigail's father and mother while disguised as Sundown. He was in league with Daimons who adopted and raised her. They fueled her hatred for Sundown and trained her to fight. When they took gallu blood to become stronger, they gave it to Abigail as well. She killed Old Bear, the Guardian of the North, and nearly defeated Sundown. Choo Co La Tah, the Guardian of the North, told them the one who killed Old Bear had to be offered up as a sacrifice to appease the spirits. They all went to the Valley of Fire, where Abigail offered her life; the offer was sufficient sacrifice, so she did not have to die. She also spilled blood in a fight with coyotes and this prevented the release of the plagues that remained after Coyote and Snake unleashed theirs. She fought Coyote and almost killed him, but he switched places with Snake. Snake died and Coyote escaped.

Because Sundown had become a Dark-Hunter and Abigail had ingested demon blood, they were no longer human and thus not subject to Coyote's curse. They were finally able to get married and Sundown got his soul back, but decided to keep it until Coyote was defeated. However, sometime between the events of Retribution and Time Untime, they changed their minds and Sundown retired. Abigail gave birth to a baby girl they named after Ren.


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